The Stationery Shop of Tehran

Book 4 in 2020.

“The Stationery Shop of Tehran” by,

Marjan Kamali.

Can I just say that sad stories are not my favorite. I feel there is so much sadness out there, I am not always sure I want to spend my limited free time sobbing. (I can get a little emotional ok) I know these are fictional characters, experiencing fictional tragedies, but they do happen to real people! Sniff.

This. Story. So. So. Good.

But. So. So. Sad.

I actually really, really enjoyed this book. I almost did not read it because I thought it was going to be too political. (I hate politics more than sad stories… ha. Apparently I am high maintenance) It tells a story of two young people who fell in love in Tehran, Iran in the 1950’s. The political unrest and social hierarchies of the time had them fighting a losing battle on all fronts. They believed that their love could change it all.

Listen, if you are up for it, read this tragic love story and have a good cry. Overall afterthought, loved it.

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