All the Flowers in Paris

Book 5 in 2020.

“All the Flowers in Paris” by, Sarah Jio.

I am apparently on a roll for tragic, tear jerker stories. This takes place in present day and 1943 German occupied Paris. Two women’s lives from different times are trying to make their way through the life that has been given to them. Hardships, heartaches, a mother’s love , and the city of Paris, have their stories intertwined in unexpected ways.

I think if I had not just finished the saddest book ever yesterday, “The Stationery Shop of Tehran”, I may of been a little bit more up for this story. Ugh. As a mom, there was so much gut wrenching stuff in here. However, I did like Sarah Jio’s style. Her story flowed and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen. I read this all in one day. I will for sure check out some more of her books. It was a great, tragic, well written story. Overall afterthought, so sad though.

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