The Memory Police

Book 1 in 2020.

“The Memory Police” by, Yoko Ogawa.

Happy New Year! Ha. Ok so it’s already the 15th. I have been reading, just not posting. I started the year off with something new and different. This book is from a Japanese author and translated into English. I don’t read too many international books. Every once in a while I get a little crazy.

“The Memory Police” takes place on an unnamed island during an unnamed time. The people on the island keep waking up to things disappearing. Hats, boats, birds, etc, either disappear or leave. When things leave, the people on the island are responsible to search their homes, find the items that need to “disappear ” and must take them to the river and dispose of them. Then they forget those things every existed. However, there are some people who cannot forget. Their memories of the things lost remain. If you are discovered remembering, the memory police comes and takes you away.

Bizarre. I have yet to read such a book. There was definitely a political feel to this. An undertone of “don’t let the man control you”. I know if I was super into symbolism I could really dissect this. But I won’t. It was sad and kind of doom and gloom. Overall afterthought, I’m glad I don’t live on that island.

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