Never Have I Ever

Book 69 in 2019.

“Never Have I Ever” by, Joshilyn Jackson.

Well here we are ending a year. Ending a decade. Can you even believe it? This was quite a decade. My thirties flashing rapidly before my eyes. Life. Death. Joy. Sorrow. Laughter. Love. All the feels. I try to never take for granted the ones I love and cherish. Life is precious, I am so thankful for all who are a part of my journey. Looking forward to the next decade. Peace out 2019.

I wish all of you a very blessed 2020!

Now, I for some reason in my head thought this was my 70th book of the year. Epic fail. Ha. I only made it to 69. Which is ok. That elusive 100 number is always my goal. I predict it will take me a few more years to get there, when these busy boys move on to college and careers. I will be here reading.

I have yet to read a Joshilyn Jackson book I did not like. Her stories are beyond intriguing and captivating. This book followed her amazing track record of unique and different ideas and story telling. It was however, quite a bit darker and had some very disturbing things in it. I am walking away feeling a little yucky. These feelings did not take away how crazy intense and good the entire book was. It was one I could not put down. Overall afterthought, intense.

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