The Things We Cherished

Book 51 in 2019.

“The Things We Cherished ” by, Pam Jenoff.

Historical fiction has always been my favorite genre. I can’t really nail down why, it just kind of always has been. This book jumps between a few stories that all end up entwining with each other.

Charlotte Gold is a defense attorney from Pennsylvania in 2008. She has been invited to join a case in Germany to defend Roger Dykmans. He is an elderly, wealthy European businessman, and is being accused of turning his brother in to the Nazi’s during WWII , resulting in the death of hundreds of children who his brother was trying to save. Charlottes’ reputation for getting historical facts in order, has led her to this case. She must prove that Roger is innocent by digging up the past and uncovering well hidden secrets.

Ah a little love, a little suspense, a little heartache, and a big mystery all wrapped up in a story. It did jump around a lot. Sometimes I felt confused in some of the flashbacks, but I could follow enough to know what was going on. I believe this is the first book of Pam Jenoff’s that I have read, and I would read another. Overall afterthought, ok decent story.

The Winter Sea

Book 50 in 2018.

“The Winter Sea” by Susanna Kearsley.

Book 50!! Woot woot. I really, really wanted to read 100 books this year. I just don’t see that happening. Considering that we are mid September already. Can you believe it? Sigh. Maybe a different year.

This book is long, well over five hundred pages. I will not lie, around page one hundred eighty I strongly considered putting it down. I just felt like I had read too much already. I am glad I finished. However, it wasn’t exactly my favorite.

The story flips back and forth between an author researching her story, and then the actual story she is writing. It is a historical fiction about the 1708 Jacobite failed rising. She moves to Scotland near a castle that will be the focal point in her novel. Weird things start happening, and her writing turns into feeling more like recalling memories, than a fictional story based on history.

Whew. Lots and lots, and lots, and lots of history. I think that’s what kinda lost my interest. However, I liked the character’s love stories that happened throughout. It kept me persevering. Overall afterthought, ok.

The High Society Lady Detective Series

Book 47, 48 and 49 in 2019.

“Murder at Archly Manor”, “Murder at Blackburn Hall”, and “The Egyptian Antiquities Murder” by, Sara Rosett.

We are back to the hustle and bustle of back to school for the boys, and back to work for me. I have tried picking up and reading a few books, not much kept me interested . I also have been indulging kdramas in my free time. Quite entertaining, whew, love them.

Since I live in my car in the evenings, I have rather enjoyed this, new to me series, on audiobooks. My library has an app where you can rent ebooks and audiobooks, which goes along with my never wavering goal of supporting my local library.

Olive Belgrave lives in London in 1923. She is looking for a job after her father spent her inheritance on a bad business deal. She is having a hard time finding respectable work for a lady of her class. When her Aunt asks her to look into the background of her cousins new fiancĂ©, the “High Society Lady Detective Agency” is born.

Well all three of these books follow Olive and all the murder that seems to occur everywhere she goes. They are cute, historical fun, and good mysteries. I liked the characters, and nothing was too gruesome. Overall afterthought, great listening for the road.