The Winner

Book 15 in 2019.

“The Winner”, by David Baldacci.

So I am moving so so slow in my reading this year. Like a snail. However, I have been killing the Kdrama scene. ( That’s South Korean drama television shows, with subtitles). I have considered writing a little bit about what I’ve watched here, since technically it is “reading”, since I don’t speak Korean. But, I haven’t nerded out that much yet.

It’s no secret I love Baldacci books. This is the first stand alone book of his I have read. It was over five hundred pages, so it took some commitment to finish. It was written in 1998, and I enjoyed the “advanced” technology mentioned throughout. I am definitely going to check out a couple more of his non series books.

LuAnn Tyler was an unwed twenty year old mom, living in a trailer with her no good boyfriend, in a small town in rural Georgia. One day she receives a call from Mr. Jackson, who offers her a chance to win one hundred million dollars in the lottery. He would make it so her ticket would win, he would give her some of the money, but then after ten years , she would get it all back plus interest made from investments. How could anyone say no? But wasn’t it too dishonest? Could she live with herself knowing she cheated? She was about to tell Mr. Jackson no, when she came home and found her boyfriend murdered in a bad drug deal, and ends up being attacked. Thinking she has killed her attacker, she goes on the run, feels like she has no choice and takes the lottery deal. She becomes the winner.

Of course there is so much more that happens throughout! Five hundred pages worth. There is a lot to set up in the beginning of the book. I feel like it really was important to understand her before the money, so you knew what it did for her. It did feel long though. A little after half way through, I just had to know how it was going to end. Overall afterthought, Oh, David, you did it again.

The Royal Delivery

Book 13 in 2018.

“The Royal Delivery” by, Melanie Summers.

The third and final book the the “Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy” series.

*** apparently my post has somehow disappeared…***

Let me recap for you, if you were wondering , Ha.

It was just ok. Overall afterthought, figured I would finish the series.

( Side note – isn’t Rachel Bilson so cute? Loved her in “Hart of Dixie”)

Long Road to Mercy

Book 12 in 2019.

“Long Road to Mercy” by, David Baldacci.

If you haven’t read previous posts I have written about my boy Baldacci, then you don’t know that he is one of my favs. Great story’s, clean, a little mystery, a little suspense, a little romance (not a ton, but isn’t everything actually a love story… think about it). I love his “King and Maxwell “, and “Will Robie” series. If I were a teenager I would have a poster of him up in my room.

This is the first book in a new series with FBI agent Atlee Pine. She is a weightlifting , no nonsense, hardcore agent, working alone in an isolated outpost near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. A tourist ends up missing on one of the trails that lead into the Grand Canyon. In his place all that’s left is a mutilated mule with initials carved into the carcass. It turns out not to be a normal missing persons case, but a top secret conspiracy to start a nuclear war with North Korea!!

Ha!!! Doesn’t that sound so far fetched? This story almost made me laugh multiple times at how outlandish it was. The government cover ups. The woman takes over and defeats all. She can single handily take down multiple assassins! Whew.

It also was very political, referencing current events. Which isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. Now, I still want to give David a chance with this series, so there is a great chance I will read book two. I felt like there was a lot of set up so we could see how b.a. Atlee is. But the majority of the story was too over the top for me. Overall afterthought, eh it was ok.