The Huntress

Book 11 in 2019.

“The Huntress” by Kate Quinn

It has been awhile since I have read my all time favorite genre, WWII historical fiction. I read Kate Quinn’s “The Alice Network ” and thought it was a good read.

There are a few different stories going on, with flashbacks and time hops everywhere. It was not hard to follow. It creates a whole picture as it went along. Most of it takes place in 1950 where a British war journalist turned Missing Person Nazi War Crime Perpetrator Hunter, (ha! I totally made that up to describe what he does, did you get all that?) is searching for his white whale of WWII, the Huntress. A SS Nazi officers mistress who killed escaped POW’s and Jewish refugees in Poland. One of the people she killed was his brother. His search finally has some leads bringing him to Boston, Massachusetts. He brings with him his ragtag team, a Jewish American interpreter, and a female, straight blade wielding, Siberian pilot, who flew bombers for Russia in the war.

There is so so much more to this book! I thought it was an awesome story. It got a little bit too long in some parts. But it is loosely based off of actual people. Sometimes I think fiction books turn a little nonfiction trying to get in historical information that maybe doesn’t necessarily pertain to the story. I do one hundred percent respect the intense research I am sure was done. Overall afterthought, really enjoyed it.

How’s Your Soul

Book 10 in 2019.

“How’s Your Soul” by, Judah Smith

I am doing this Bible Study right now with a great group of ladies. You do not necessarily need to read the book to do the study, it can stand alone. However, nerd alert, why would I not read the book? Nerd alert again, I also want to hear Judah Smith’s own voice reading it to me, so I listened to the audiobook version. I love, love non fiction books on audiobooks because you can hear the authors heart and passion, humor, and sarcasm. Personally I think it’s the best.

Judah Smith is a Pastor from the Northwest and poses the question “how is your soul?”. We take care of the outsides of our bodies but do we ever check on the inside? Our souls are the literal breath of God. We need to reconnect with our creator on a daily basis to make it through the turmoils this world can throw at us.

Good stuff there Judah Smith. I am actually listening to the book again, to catch anything I missed. Overall afterthought, loved it.

A Man Called Ove

Book 9 in 2019.

“A Man Called Ove” by, Fredrik Backman.

This is the second book in the stack of three from my sister in law. It is sad. I mean sad. I do not like sad books.

I know people love them. I know there is a great story in here about a cranky old man, and why he is so cranky. He even meets a sad beat up cat. I know I should be happy he finally had one small happy part to his life. He unwilling even does some good for people, despite his utter annoyance with their existence. I know most people’s lives are sad. “Life is sad, death is weird”. That is my quote. The amount of sadness in this story does not outweigh the happiness. Therefore my overall afterthought, too sad.