Sometimes I Lie

Book 8 in 2019.

“Sometimes I Lie” by, Alice Feeney.

My neighbor likes suspense/thriller books. She sometimes throws a suggestion my way. This was definitely suspenseful. Whew!

It has a couple different points of view going on. One is a journal entry of things that occurred in a girl’s childhood. One is the present of a woman in a coma, who can hear everything, but cannot wake up, or remember why she is there. The other is the events that happened up to the point of the woman going into a coma.

The mystery is why is she in a coma, and how are the past and present intermingled with each other. I understand I am being severely vague, but it is a bit of a complicated story. That is the gist of it. I was really enjoying it, until the end. It got very confusing. I googled if anyone else was confused and the consensus is the same. Have any of you read this book? I did read there might be a limited television series coming out, I might be interested in checking that out. However it was such a bizarre twisted story, I should probably read it again to see if it clarifies anything, or if you come away more confused? Overall afterthought, bewildered.

The Royal Wedding

Book 7 in 2019.

“The Royal Wedding” by Melanie Summers.

This is book 2 in “A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy”. We pick up with Anti-Royal blogger Tessa Sharpe and her now fiancé Prince Arthur preparing for their upcoming nuptials! However, is it possible for an independent, sassy commoner, and a royal prince, who was never good at relationships, to find enough in common to be married?

Oh rom-com, I just think you’re fun. I love Tessa’s mom who always calls her “twinkle”. I think I need to start calling the boys twinkle. It will go over really well. This book did stress me out just a little. All the angst. I felt like there was more harsh language too. I didn’t necessarily like it as much as the the first book, but I of course would love to read what these two are up to in the third book, coming this March. Overall afterthought, just good enough.

The Language of Flowers

Book 6 in 2019.

” The Language of Flowers” by, Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

So my sister in law gave me a few books to read. This is the first of that stack I picked up. She has only ever suggested one other book to me; “The Light Between Oceans” by M.L. Stedman. She loved it, I hated it. Hated it. Ugh so stinkin sad. Needless to say I was a little nervous about this one.

Victoria Jones is eighteen and just out of the foster care system. Her life has been trauma after trauma of let downs, and heartbreaks. Her small shining moment from her childhood was the one year she stayed with one foster mom who taught her the language of flowers. She has used that knowledge to start a new life for herself. Yet, her past brings her down in every friendship and relationship she finds herself in.

Ok. Seriously sad right? Sad. Poor baby girl. I loved learning all about the actual language of flowers. I had not heard of any of the specifics before. I would even be interested in learning more about that. The book, to be honest, I almost quit. I just am not up for sobbing at the moment. Through perseverance I powered on, and was so glad I did. It was a great story even though it was tough read. Overall afterthought, all the feels.

One Day in December

Book 5 in 2019.

“One Day in December” by, Josie Silver.


Laurie sees a man sitting at a bus stop, they connect eyes, share a longing moment, then the bus pulls away with her regretting not getting off that bus to talk with him. Her search begins to find the man she saw that one day in December.  Almost a year later her best friend comes home with her new boyfriend, and it is him. The man from the bus stop.  Does he feel it too?  Does he remember who she is? How can she go on knowing she thought this was the man of her dreams.

What!? Oh man Laurie, what a pickle.  The story proceeds to tell the story of a decade worth of turmoil, love, heartbreak, heartaches, truth and lies.  A decade. A decade is a long time for one book. I don’t know. It was ok.  It is on the Reece Witherspoon’s book club, which, I did say I wasn’t going to read any more of those. My bad. My bad.  It was a lot of sad and not enough happy for me.  Overall afterthought, eh not my favorite.

The Royal Treatment

Book 4 in 2019.

“The Royal Treatment” by, Melanie Summers.

Ok. So unless I rapidly pick up my pace, I will not reach my goal of 100 books this year. Ha! Like no where near. I blame my friend who got me hooked on Korean drama TV. I also blame Netflix and the Viki app, for making it so stinking available and accessible. (I do not blame myself for my poor time management). Since I have been watching so much Kdrama, which can be intense, I wanted something light and fluffy, with a happy ending!

This book was just that! Prince needs to save kingdom. Blogger needs to take him down. Obviously they will have some drama, but will eventually fall in love and all will be well! Whew.

Nice light and fluffy, and enough of a story to keep me interested. A little bit of hardcore language. A little bit of lovin’. I did think it was just a great romantic comedy. I already have the next book! “The Royal Wedding”. Yes!!! Overall afterthought, cute.