Before I go to Sleep

Book 3 in 2019.

“Before I go to Sleep” by, R.J. Watson

Thriller!! I thought the cover of this book was creepy, that I almost didn’t read it. I found it on a list of thrillers to read and when it came in at the library, it made me nervous. I also did not know that this was turned into a movie starring Nicole Kidman. I think I may have to watch it.

Christine Lucas wakes up every morning and does not remember who she is. Her husband Ben, tells her every day, that she was in an accident, lost her ability to make new memories, and he loves her. When she starts seeing a new doctor, he suggests she keep a journal to help her navigate the things she learns each day. Every morning now she reads her journal, but things are not adding up. And in bold blue ink on the first page she has written “don’t trust Ben”.

Eeek!! Why can’t she trust Ben? He seems so nice. What is going on!? Whew, what a roller coaster. There was a little bit of hardcore language throughout, but not overwhelming. Yikes, I could not stop reading this. It got a little redundant, only because she had to repeat a lot of what had happened to her. But it didn’t stop me from having to know how her story ends.

Overall afterthought, creepy good!

The Italian Wife

Book 2 in 2019.

“The Italian Wife” by, Kate Furnivall.

I had this book for several weeks and kept renewing it from the library. I almost didn’t get to it, but was so glad I did! I think I really like Kate Furnivall. She is a great story teller.

This book takes place in the 1930’s in Mussolini controlled Italy. Isabella Beroti is an Architect hired to help build a new powerful Italy. Ten years ago she was married to a “black shirt” , one of Mussolini’s thugs, who muscled through force his agenda on the people of Italy. Even though her husband has passed away, she uses his name to find a way to live in this brutal society.

Of course there is so much more to this story and I feel like I want to tell you everything in a very long, very detailed, long winded, version of all the twists and turns this story takes you on. But I will spare you. Mystery, fighting a fascist regime and a little love. Yes please.

Overall afterthought, could not put down.

Have a Little Faith

Book 1 in 2019.

“Have a Little Faith” by, Mitch Albom

Here we are already seventeen days into the year 2019! Can you believe it? Bizarre. I definitely think, that because I think it’s wild to be in 2019, that I am getting old. Only “old” people talk like that… Moving on. Ha.

Mitch Albom is my boy! I love his writing. He can get you when you least expect it. Then you have weird salty water leaking from your eyes. I love to listen to his books, he reads them to you. There is something about hearing the author’s conviction in their voice as they read their words.

This is Mitch’s true story on how he came back to his Jewish faith. His childhood family Rabbi asked him to write his eulogy when he passed away. So began an eight year journey learning about the life and faith of the man he always thought was unapproachable. His story also intermingles with a Pastor who he met in downtown Detroit and his story of faith.

Overall afterthought, loved it.