Every Breath

Book 77 in 2018.

“Every Breath” by, Nicholas Sparks.

Oh Nicholas Sparks. I just wanted a great love story. His last book “Two by Two”, I really couldn’t get in to, and I didn’t finish it. I do tend to enjoy a majority of his work. This book is based on true events. Which was actually a really crazy story! But I felt like it there was a lot of “fill in” stuff, just to make it long enough to be a whole book.

******Spoiler Alert******

I am such a sucker for a happy ending. I want the fairy tale. I feel like entertainment should not give me a dose a reality! Life can be sad on its own. Don’t you agree?? If I wanted a sad ending I would watch the news. I did not read Nicholas Sparks’, “Nights in Rondanthe”, but I saw the movie at the theater. And if you haven’t read it or watched it, and don’t want to ball your eyes out , then avoid it! I threw my water bottle at the screen! (Fortunately for the screen, the water bottle was empty, and I am a ridiculously awful shot.)

I am getting way off track. The spoiler is this book has a sad, sad ending. Ugh… tears. The tears. Two people fall in love over a weekend. The have to separate and go their own ways. They come back together 25 years later, when they are both in their 60’s. But it’s too late, she has ALS and is dying. But he stays with her anyway. Tears. Many tears. Some may find this happy, or sweet. I thought it was a beautiful, but tragic love story. Overall afterthought, emotional roller coaster.

The Hating Game

Book 76 in 2018.

“The Hating Game” by, Sally Thorne

Whew squeaked in another one before the new year. I may be able to get in one more. But I have a recent obsession with Korean drama tv. It is occupying more time than I am willing to admit! Ha. However, it’s so good I must know what happens. And it is “reading” subtitles, so I feel like that makes it acceptable in every way possible to mention it on my “reading blog”.

Anyway, back to the book… Just a very quick recap: it is about two colleagues who are highly competitive with each other, and are always striving to out do the other. Naturally the tight quarters and constant communication stir feelings of “do I really hate them? Or do I actually … love them?”

Of course there is a lot more to it than that. I really enjoyed the story. I thought it was absolutely adorable, I liked the characters, I like where it went, and how it ended! However… there was a bit of foul language. And, long, drawn out , descriptive make out sessions and love scenes. Now, if you have ever read anything I have written, I have no qualms about skipping over detailed love, I am just not in to reading all that. That’s just how I roll. I just think, it could of been so perfect without all that. Overall afterthought, cute but steamy.

A Christmas Carol

Book 75 in 2018.

“A Christmas Carol”, by Charles Dickens.

Well book 75 for the year. Whew. I really wanted to get to 100. But 75 really is close. (Right??) I might be able to squeak in one or two more before the end of the year. Since Christmas is coming, I thought it was fitting to read “A Christmas Carol”.

I do not typically like classics. Too slow, too much tedious reading. I have actually never read this book. Of course I have seen many a version of it as a movie. The Muppets make my favorite one. ( I always liked Ms. Piggy). Since I knew the story so well it was an easy read. I wouldn’t mind reading again, maybe I will start a new tradition. Overall afterthought, Merry Christmas to you and yours !

The Woman in the Window

Book 74 in 2018.

“The Woman in the Window” by, A.J. Finn

Ohhh suspenseful! So I felt like this was a cross between “Girl on a Train” by Paula Hawkins, and Hitchcock’s movie “Rear Window”. Lots of suspense, and second guessing your way of thinking how the story is going.

Anna Fox is a child Psychologist, who has found herself through a series of events, unable to enter out into the world. She only feels safe in the confines of her own home. This leaves her with plenty of time for watching the lives of her neighbors through her window. When she begins seeing things that don’t add up, her life begins to move in directions she did not foresee.

I did really enjoy this book. It had a little bit of some harsh language, but it was not overwhelming. It moved at a slower pace, more like a Hitchcock suspense. Which I tend to enjoy, bringing me back to my childhood reading choices. But at some points I found it repetitive. I for the most part could not put this down, and of course was unable to solve any of the mystery! Ha.

Overall afterthought, great read.

Family and Other Catastrophes

Book 73 in 2018.

“Family and Other Catastrophes ” by Alexandra Borrowitz.

In my search of light, fluffy fun reads, I came across this on some list of “funny reads”. I just am not sure if you can trust the label “funny”? Maybe my definition of funny is different?? On the front of the the book it says

“The perfect book for anyone with a calamity of a family who wants to laugh along in knowing hilarity.”

Now who doesn’t know family drama? It’s all out there, you are not exempt, you can pretend you are. But you’re not.

Now, this book’s family was definitely the definition of dysfunction. Whew!! Yikes!!! It was super stressful to read! I did not find it funny at all!! It was sad, and every level of messed up. The amount of insane language and descriptive inappropriate behavior was overwhelming. Why did I keep reading you wonder? I asked myself that often as I continued through the entire book. Overall afterthought, a story like a train wreck, on fire, that you can’t look away from.

The Proposal

Book 72 in 2018.

“The Proposal” by Jasmine Guillory.

Alright. So I was in the mood for some chick lit. Lit and fluffy. Cute romance. I read Guillory’s “The Wedding Date” and thought it was ok. So I waited for this new release for awhile from the library.

Nik Patterson was against serious relationships. She was happy just dating and keeping things light. She went through a ridiculously public proposal/breakup, where she ended up meeting her rescuer, Dr Carlos Ibarra.

Carlos was still grieving the loss of his father from three years ago, and felt the weight of responsibility for being the “head” of his mostly female family and extended family. How could he possibly fit in a relationship with this amazing woman Nik.

Drama and love ensues!! Lots of detailed love, if you know what I mean! There’s that genre “contemporary romance” shining in my eyeballs. There was also a lot of colorful language. The story was still cute and was just ok for me. Overall afterthought, just alright.