An Act of Villainy

Book 64 in 2018.

“An Act of Villainy” by, Ashley Weaver

Yes! Book number five in the “Amory Ames Mystery Series” was just what I wanted it to be! Amory and her husband Milo’s reputation as mystery solvers is circulating throughout the aristocrats in London. They have been asked to investigate threatening letters delivered to a lead actress in an upcoming play. The night of the play’s opening she is found dead on the stage. It has now turned into a full fledged murder mystery. How can you find a murderer when all your suspects act for a living?

Mercy, I have really just fallen for these two. It took me a couple books, but I love Amory and Milo! These are just super simple, clean , honest to goodness old fashioned mystery books. Nothing I have to flip through, and I am apparently horrible at solving crimes. (I guess I will have to stick to just being a spy when I grow up, and not a detective). Overall afterthought, bravo.

The Wife Between Us

Book 63 in 2018.

“The Wife Between Us”, by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen.


I found this bad boy on the seat of my car the other day.  My friend’s mom put it in there with a note saying, “Alana, I think you would like this book”.  I have seen this on lists of books to read.  The picture on the front and the title alone, made me go, eh, not for me.  (Don’t you think it looks weirdy?)  But I decided to give it a try.

There are three parts to the book, each part gives you more clues.  I do not want to give any spoilers, so I may sound super vague.  You are reading about a couple different characters, both women who were in love with the same man.  One, was about to marry him, the other, just divorced from him.   I kept going back and forth about who was the stalker, who was crazy, and who was just an innocent bystander.  It definitely had me going with some great twists and turns.

It was fairly clean, just a few bad words.  I could not put it down.  It has been awhile since a book has held my attention like this.  Overall afterthought, suspenseful.

Girl Wash Your Face

Book 62 in 2018.

“Girl Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be” by, Rachel Hollis.


Ok. So I have followed Rachel Hollis on social media for awhile now.  I have always liked what she had to say.  She has written a few other fiction and non fiction books.  I have not read any of her other stuff.  She is also the founder of the lifestyle website .

I am not usually into hoorah-rah girl power, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are pretty, you can do it all, books.  Rachel Hollis tackles about twenty lies that women tend to believe, about themselves and who they think they should be.  She is super witty and pretty funny.  She is very honest and raw with the challenges she has experienced.  I respect that.  There were a few things that I could identify with.  And a couple that I walked away, saying huh, good stuff.  But for the most part, I did not feel on the same page as her.

I am not a career oriented lady.  I have always wanted to have kids and be a mom.  I do my little part time substitute teacher gig, and love it.  Attempt to keep up with the house and taxi driving.  Every once in awhile try a new recipe.  When my kids are gone, I plan on upping my game and getting another part time job at the library.  I do not feel bad about my life.  I am thankful, grateful, and do not have a day go by, where I do not thank the Lord above for all of his blessings.  I am not saying I do not have days, where I think, what have I gotten myself into,  I am unequipped to raise four boys.  I yell way too much. Whose idea was this??  I am not the size I want to be. I eat way too much junk food. Sometimes I just want to get away, like by myself, where it is quiet, and no one argues constantly. However, for the most part, I know this season of life will end soon, and I am content.  Overall afterthought, I would not identify myself as her target audience.