Julia & the Master of Morancourt

Book 17 in 2018.

“Julia & the Master of Morancourt”, by Janet Aylmer


I bought this book from the dollar store to throw in a little gift bag, for my girlfriend who was traveling to China to adopt their adorable  daughter.  Just something short , simple and sweet, to occupy time on a long plane trip.

It takes place in the early 1800’s in England, where the aristocrats of the day would search for a great match for their children in marriage financially.  Julia Maitland is the eldest of three sisters, whose older brother recently passed away, and now must marry well to ensure the future of her sisters well being.  Her mother is set on her marrying the son of an earl, despite the fact that he spends his time living wildly in London.  Julia has met a second son of her father’s friend, who is an equal in thought and interests.  She had to remind herself it would never be allowed, her ideas of once marrying for love must be put aside.  Then she meets the Master of Morancourt, maybe love will be in her cards after all.

This story really is just short, simple and sweet.  There is a little bit of mystery, but it seems like it was just thrown in to make it a little bit more interesting.  I did find myself speed reading through some parts just to finish it up. Ha.  How’s that to make you want to pick it up and start reading? Overall afterthought, eh, it was ok.

Hour Game

Book 16 in 2018.

“Hour Game” by David Baldacci


I have said it before, so I’ll say it again, I just love series.  When you get to know characters a little better, understand their humor, say things like “oh you!”.  This is book 2 in the King and Maxwell Series. You could read it on it’s own, but why would  you? Series are meant to be read in order, you are only cheating yourself.

Michelle Maxwell and Sean King are ex-secret service agents, turned private investigators.  They have settled in a smaller town in Virginia, getting away from all the violence of D.C.. They are in the middle of a simple robbery investigation, until, a serial killer comes to town, and throws everything off.  Lots of twists and turns, and when you think you know who did it, they die. (Apparently I am not good at figuring out ‘who done its’.)

I love mysteries, and sometimes murder mysteries are not too bad.  However, in this book Baldacci, gave us the perspective of the serial killer.  Which, ugh, was a bit much for me.  I don’t need the details.  However,  I love the dynamic of King and Maxwell.  They make you want to work with them, even though you know you would be the third wheel.  I will definitely read book 3 and see what my peeps are up to.  Overall afterthought, great mystery, but too much murdering. (Is that even a thing? Murdering? I am going to stick with it.)

A Conspiracy in Belgravia

Book 15 in 2018.

“A Conspiracy in Belgravia” by Sherry Thomas


I know it is a few weeks ago now, but February 25th was my one year anniversary for my blog!  The book I wrote about was the first in Sherry Thomas’, The Lady Sherlock Series, “A Study in Scarlet Women”.  This is the second book in that series.  I thought it would be a good time to read it.

Charlotte Holmes, is a women who has been cast off by society, due to her (very deliberate, to start a new life for herself) indiscretions with a married man.  In her search for a way of life, her dear childhood friend Lord Ingram, indiscreetly sets her up with his rich, widowed friend  Mrs. Watson.   Together they have created an elaborate scheme to help Charlotte solve mysteries, through her (made up) bedridden brother, Sherlock Holmes.  It allows Charlotte the means to investigate on behalf of her “brother”.  Since in the late 1800’s would think a woman was up to the job.

I am not usually in to reading a series that is new.  I just can’t wait that long in between books!  I did struggle a little bit in the beginning to remember some minor characters and their place in the story line.  The books do build on each other.  Some parts were a bit detailed, which also was hard for me to follow.  Yet, I am just loving Charlotte Holmes.  She has naturally, dry British humor, and loves to eat delicious food, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her “too many chins rule”.  Overall afterthought, I am into it.

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth

Book 14 in 2018.

“Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth” by Tamar Myers


Apparently I have simple living on the mind.  I keep choosing “Amish themed” books.  I personally have no desire to live simple.  I enjoy modern conveniences at every capacity.  First wave of the zombie apocalypse, and I am out, I’m going down in a blaze of glory, this girl has no desire to live off the land.

This is the first book of the Pennsylvania-Dutch Mysteries.  It was originally released in 1993!  Whew.  (Side note: in 1993, I was 13 years old, in 7th grade, and enjoyed reading as many “Alfred Hitchock Presents” books as I could. Nerd alert.)  Magdalena Yoder is not Amish, but a Mennonite owner, of the PennDutch Inn, a full Amish experience Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country.  She is in her single, feisty , and in her forties running the Inn with her wayward, worldly, younger, thirty something, sister.     The Inn becomes full of guests who do not get along.  They are a hunting party, and an animal rights activist group.  Two of the guests mysteriously die, and Magdalena is convinced foul play is involved.   The town’s chief is on vacation, and has been replaced with a man, Magdalena is convinced was kicked in the head by a bull, so she must solve the mystery herself.

Magdalena has witty and dry humor which makes me chuckle.  I actually really enjoyed this story.  It was clean, and moved decent.  I will definitely check out some more of these books.  Overall afterthought,  fun mystery.