Abram’s Daughters

Book 12 and 13 in 2018.

“The Prodigal” and “The Revelation” by Beverly Lewis

Ok, so I tried to read three other books before going back to finish the “Abram’s Daughters” series. I made it sixty to hundred pages in each book, until I decided for each one, I just didn’t care to finish any of them. Ha. I have kinda been in a reading funk. Anyway, oh, Amish drama. I know in previous posts I carried on how much I hated these books. I guess it could be more like a love/hate thing.

In these two books years have gone by, and we are now in the 1960’s. Leah is still raising her dear mama’s children, but Lydiann and Abe are now sixteen and thirteen. Abram has finally given in to his feelings for his deceased wife’s sister Lizzie, and has married her. Lydiann is courting  Jake Mast,  (Leah’s Jonas’ youngest brother) which is a scandal in itself because the Mast family has shunned the Ebersol’s since they thought it was Leah’s fault that Jonas was shunned. Even more of a scandal is the fact that we find out (follow closely) that Jake is actually Sadie’s baby, that we thought died , but Dr Schwartz switched out Jake’s Mom’s deceased twin body with his! Whew. So actually Jake Mast is Lydiann’s nephew. Drama ensues. More drama. Heartache. Death. Tragedy. (I am paraphrasing for you) Then Jonas, Leah’s long lost love, discovers Leah has never married, and returns to pursue her! Yes!! Finally, that was all I was really waiting for. Even with all the spoilers I have given you, I feel like I cannot give away the ending of this series. Sorry.

I think I could of read book one, then the last two chapters of book five, and been completely satisfied.  But, I of course would not of been able to ride the emotional, and ridiculously long, roller coaster this series offers it’s readers.  Kudos to you if you can make it through.  Overall afterthought,  I regret nothing.

Driving with the Top Down

Book 11 in 2018.

“Driving with the Top Down” by, Beth Harbison


I was trying to get away from some Amish drama with some fluffy chick lit.  You know, when you google “fluffy chick lit” and you get all kind of reviews that come up.  I read a few like this for this book:

Editorial Reviews. Review. “Harbison’s light-as-a-feather novel about three women on road trip is a drivetime pleasure no matter what ride you choose.” ―People Magazine

Sweet.  I’ll totally check it out.  Yeah, well, no lightness anywhere in this book.  Major spoiler alerts coming.

Colleen tells her husband she is going on the road trip to look for antiques for her antique shop.  But, secretly she is driving to confront his old college girlfriend to apologize for getting pregnant and ruining this girl and her husbands chance of eventually getting back together.  She has always felt she was her husbands second choice.  Her delinquent, teenage niece, Tamara, was thrust upon her at the last minute, because her father was going out of town and she couldn’t be trusted alone.  But she was a hot mess because her loser boyfriend recorded her “doing things” to him after getting high and drunk, then posted it on the internet.  While driving they run into Colleen’s estranged friend from college Bitty, who was preparing to commit suicide after finding her harsh, loveless husband engaged in “relations” with another man.  Now, do you think that sounds light and fluffy?

No. It wasn’t.  I really can’t figure out why I finished it?  Normally I would just put it down.  Lots of language, a few raunchy long sex scenes. Not funny.  Not fluffy.  It did however, have a nice happy ending.  The last three pages were good.

I feel crazy harsh. (PMDD… maybe?)  It could be, that it’s past my bedtime. (I know its like 9:45 pm!)  It could be, I am feeling a little under the weather.  It could be, that I have a little bit of cabin fever, and we have yet another snow day tomorrow (I love my four guys, but let the children go to school, we live in state where it snows ALL winter!!!) It could be, because I have black nail polish on right now. Overall afterthought, disappointed.

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

Book 10 in 2018.

“The Coincidence of Coconut Cake” by Amy Reichert


Well I have absolutely zero interest in the Super Bowl.  I secretly loved that it did not work out this year to have a party, or go to one.  It was just the six of us at home, five yelling at the TV (we had a divided house on which team to cheer for – testosterone was soaring), one curled in the corner chair with her jammies on, wrapped in a blanket, enjoying some chick lit.

Poor Lou cannot catch a break in this book!  She has a cheating fiance’, got a bad review from an important food critic, which has now spiraled her life long dream restaurant, Luella’s, into closure.  When she meets Al Waters, things might be heading her way, until she finds out he is actually the food critic who destroyed all her hopes and dreams. Poor Al, he really is an alright guy!

Why can’t people just tell each other the truth and be honest?  Ugh.  I guess we wouldn’t get a cutesy story of them trying to figure it all out.  That probably wouldn’t sell.

“And then they told the truth, worked it out, and lived happily ever after.”

The End

 This book was cute.  A little bit of drama, but not too much. Very clean and not too cheesy.  And, at the end it gives you the recipe for the coconut cake! Win, win. I definitely want to check out more of Amy Reichert.  Overall afterthought, just liked it.

The Sacrifice

Book 9 in 2018.

“The Sacrifice ” by Beverly Lewis

Well book three in Abrams Daughters and I was about to throw in the towel. Lots of spoiler alerts. Just when I thought Leah was getting over losing Jonas to her wayward shunned sister Sadie, Leah is headed to more heartache. There was a ton of trauma in this book. I just don’t know how much more I can take!

The Ebersol sisters are growing up. The twins Hannah and Mary Ruth both are courting brothers Elias and Ezra. Sadie is shunned and rumor has it she is now married to Jonas and having babies. Leah is planning on marrying smithy Gid, (finally happy) which also makes her dad happy. And poor mama at the age of 45 is expecting another little one! Then the crap really hits the fan. Ezra dies, people cry, Mary Ruth becomes a Mennonite (nooo!!!!!), Elias leaves the church, mama dies in childbirth and makes Leah promise to raise her babies as her own. Leah then breaks up with Gid because he wanted to move to his own house, and Leah had to raise her siblings, but her dad wouldn’t let her take the babes! (nooo!!!!!!). Drama. Fast forward a few years. Hannah ends up marrying Gid, Mary Ruth starts dating the doctors son who was responsible for her first loves death in an accident, Sadie becomes a widow and wants to move home, Leah is still alone. This is when I decide I hate these books and I never want to read another one again. Until Sadie comes home alone, childless, and we find out she really didn’t marry Jonas but someone else. Drama.

Now I need to know if Leah is ever going to find Jonas or anyone to have a love story of her own! She sacrificed her life on her mother’s deathbed and would never consider breaking that sacred vow. I can’t even stand the thought that I am going to continue reading this series. Ha. It is so slow and crazy all at the same time. Overall afterthought, I think I need a break from Abram’s daughters.

Split Second

Book 8 in 2018.

“Split Second” by David Baldacci


Well, with all this Amish reading I have been doing, I needed something to break up the drama.  What better than a David Baldacci novel can give that!  I have really only read his “Will Robie” series and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I tried the “Camel Club” series and it was way too political for me.  “Split Second” is the first book in his “King and Maxwell” series.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are both former secret service agents who lost their people they were protecting.  They had never met, until a series of circumstances brought them together to deeply investigate both of their career changing events.  They are both strong willed, stubborn and independent.  But they need each others skill sets to solve these crimes.

This was fun to read, with enough action to keep you trying to figure out who done it.  I thought King and Maxwell’s chemistry was great, and will definitely check out more from this series.  There is a little language, but Baldacci is a great writer, who doesn’t need all the crap to tell a great story.  Overall afterthought, good stuff.

The Betrayal

Book 7 in 2018.

“The Betrayal” by, Beverly Lewis


Holy Mercy and all that is good.  What have I gotten myself into! This series is straight drama, that I have to know what happens.  The drama is so ridiculous I can barely stand it, but I need more. Ha.  I have officially been sucked in to this world of simple Amish living.

Spoiler Alert.  In book one, The Covenant, Leah Ebersol, her sister Sadie and their Aunt Lizzie all made a covenant with one another never to share.  Sadie had a secret baby that passed away (which really they only think it passed away, because the “English” doctor that delivered it thought it did, but then it started breathing again, I think maybe, he gave it to a family to adopt, without telling Sadie, because he thought it would be easier for her if she continued thinking the baby died!!!).  Now in this book,  Leah is about to make her baptism with the Amish church and marry her beau Jonas Mast, who is away in Ohio doing a carpentry apprenticeship.  In order to be baptized she feels like she cannot have any secrets in her heart, and tells her family and the bishop about her sisters sin!  (at this point Sadie was living in Ohio, near Jonas, because Leah thought she was so sad and needed a change of scenery).  Sadie finds out about Leah’s betrayal of breaking their covenant and is devastated.  In the spirit of revenge Sadie hides a critical response letter from Leah to Jonas about her with a possible relationship to the smithy boy who lives next door. (No!!! Sadie how could you!!!!)  Now everything is a mess and I am pretty sure Leah and Jonas are not getting married, because no one will just use the phone and clear the air!!!  Leah thinks now that Sadie is moving in on Jonas.  And, we find out that their “Aunt Lizzie” is really Leah’s biological mother! Due to a crazy rumspringa she had when she was a teenager. End  book two.

Whew!  I must get my hands on book three.  If you read that last ridiculously long paragraph, you have to go back and read it again as fast as you can, in a state of panic, because that is how I wrote it.  I live in a house full of boys who do not care what I read.  Any time I try to get it out, I feel like they might be mocking me…  I really do think these books have been great, despite the gag factor at how cheesy they are.  Overall afterthought, give me more please.