The Last Girl

Book 6 in 2018.

“The Last Girl, My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State”

by: Nadia Murad


Nadia Murad lived in northern Iraq, in a farming community of the Yazidi people.  Because her people are not Muslim,  and refuse to convert, ISIS has been targeting the innocent , peaceful people in a horrific genocide that is still going on today.  In 2014, when Nadia was 21, her village in Kocho, Iraq was attacked.  The men , women and children were separated.  The men, 700 of them, were taken, lined up and shot into mass graves.  Three of Nadia’s nine brothers were shot and wounded, but managed to escape after crawling themselves out of the pile of their fallen family and friends.  The women, were split into groups, older women were left behind to be added to the mass graves,  girls ages nine and up were sold into the ISIS sex slave market.  Young boys were taken to ISIS training schools to be brainwashed into becoming the next generation of fighters.

Nadia’s story is gut wrenching and raw.  I had to take a few breaks while reading this story, because it is so tragic.  This is happening, today, in the world we live in, how.  Nadia is repeatedly sold as a sex slave and passed between different members of ISIS.  She was beaten, raped, abused and told it was because the Yazidi people were nothing and would be wiped from the earth.  She heroically manages to escape and found a Muslim family willing to risk their own lives, to help get her out to safety.

Since her escape she has become a human rights activist.  She has joined a group called “Yazda, a Yazidi rights organisation, and they are fighting to bring the Islamic State before the International criminal Court on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.”  What a story of fighting back against the evils of this world.  My heart is bleeding for the atrocities the Yazidi people are suffering.  Overall afterthought,  infuriating, frustrating, sad, yet heroic, with ultimate human perseverance and inspiring.


The Covenant

Book 5 in 2018.

“The Covenant” by, Beverly Lewis


I was at a basketball tournament for one of the boys.  We had a three hour window between games, and I forgot a book.  Tragic, I know.  I have the kindle app on my phone, and since there was not great cell service, or WiFi, in the country school we were at,  I had to settle for a free book I had downloaded a couple years ago.  I have not read many Amish fiction books, maybe one or two.  Not my usual cup of tea, but why not?

It is the summer in the late 1940’s,  Leah is the second born daughter to Ida and Abram Ebersol.  There are four sisters in the Amish farming family from Lancaster.  The oldest sister Sadie is just finishing her rumspringa, where her family will turn their eyes to youthful wild ways.  However, Leah knows Sadie is walking a dangerous path of rebellion that could affect the entire family.  Both sisters are struggling with growing into women and what the future may hold for them.

Mercy.  I am not going to lie.  This is not my usual thing I like to read.  It is full of drama, and it seems very… simple? I am not sure what that means, but lots of love daydreaming, domestic duty loving, lets have babies planning, quilt making, small town gossip, family secrets, and good ole fashion family feuds.  Which none of these things are bad, and there is absolutely no language, sex or violence!  Nothing to skip over, ha.  And now, Beverly Lewis has me hooked.  I must know what happens to the rest of Abram’s daughters.  Sorry to my four, maybe five readers, we are heading to a lot of Amish territory.  Overall afterthought, how will it all end?!

Sisters First

Book 4 in 2018.

“Sisters First”, by Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush

Autobiographies are sweet. I know it’s a total nerd alert. Learning about how different people are, yet how we are all just people. Ha! I went deep there on you for a second. There are a couple that I have started, and then decided, eh, I don’t really care. So much to read, so little time to do it.

The Bush sisters had quite an interesting up bringing. Their grandfather being the President when they were young. Their father the governor of Texas when the were adolescents. Then their father being President while they were in college. What a family legacy.

I enjoyed hearing their stories. I thought they wrote well. They kept me interested. It was a quick, easy read. Overall afterthought, ok.

The Expats

Book 3 in 2018.

“The Expats” by, Chris Pavone

I am attempting to get all my posts up today. After this I have one more. This morning was from the laundromat. Right now, I am at the movies, severely early, waiting for the show to start. (yes, I am that person, I have to get a good seat! No one wants the front row.)

I was super excited to read this book. I have not read a lot of modern spy novels. They tend to be more political thrillers, which I am really not in to. Blah. I think I found this just as a random pull off the library shelf.

Kate Moore and her family move to Luxembourg, for her husbands new position in banking cyber security. What her husband doesn’t know is that in order to move, Kate had to leave her job in the CIA. So when a strange couple befriends the Moore’s , Kate’s old work habits kick in, and she begins an investigation that will lead her to discover things she didn’t know about her husband.

I enjoyed most of this story. I was super into it. However… (there is usually a however with me, ha) there was a ton of language, and some graphic yuck, that ruined it for me. Why can’t we just keep it classy? Ugh. There was a ton of jumping around, past to present, past to past, present to past. Past. Ah!!  I also, felt like the story had this great build to a blah ending. Overall afterthought, could of been so good, but didn’t do it for me.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Book 2 in 2018.

“The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend”, by Katarina Bivald

I really have been reading… I just have not been writing. Every time I get behind, I can’t remember anything. That was the point of starting this blog! Trying to actually remember what I read. I can read whole series and not remember characters names. It’s not that the books are not memorable, it’s me, not them. I ask my kids what kind of sandwich they want , walk in the kitchen and cannot remember. It might be a problem. What do you take for that? Omega-3 fatty acids? Ginkgo biloba? What even are those?

This book is about a late 20 something woman named Sara, from Sweden, who is visiting Broken Wheel, Iowa to visit her pen pal Amy. When she gets there nothing is as she planned. Sara is an avid reader, worked in a bookstore, and has always preferred books to people. Will this little town in the middle of nowhere break her out of her shell, and change her life forever?!

Whew! I recently drove through the entire state of Iowa , and hit horrible snow storms , there and back. So I am actually not a fan of Iowa, at least not in the winter. (In hindsight, it was a poor choice to even attempt driving across the country in the winter, so my bad Iowa). This book was ok. It was long. There were a few things that I felt dragged on. It had a happy ending, but it was not so happy throughout. It kind of felt like all the adults were struggling with an identity crisis. Drama. Overall afterthought, so much angst.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Book 1 in 2018.

“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”, By Nabeel Qureshi



I read this book almost in it’s entirety on New Years day.  I was very sick, and not up to doing much. I even listened to most of it on an audio book, because it hurt my head to read.  Nabeel Qureshi read the book for the audio version.   Sometimes for autobiographies I like it better to hear the author reading his/her own words.  After I did a little google and youtube search on him, it was even more special to listen to, Nabeel Qureshi passed away in September of 2017 from stomach cancer.

The title itself explains pretty much what it’s about.  Nabeel was a devout Muslim looking to prove that the bible was wrong, Christianity was a farce, and Jesus could not be God’s son.  In his studies and research, while studying in college and medical school,  he discovered Jesus was who is said he was, and worth leaving everything he knew, to follow him.

This book brought me to tears several times.  I think once I knew he left a wife and a baby behind,  I kept losing it.  He was highly intellectual, and loved to debate.  Most of the book is intense and full of historical references and facts.  It’s just a insane story of how the Lord will meet you where you are at when you seek Him.  Overall afterthought, powerful.

Ever Crooked Nanny

Book 52 in 2017.

“Every Crooked Nanny”, by Mary Kay Andrews


Last book of 2017! Can you believe the year is over? I sure can’t. I know it’s cliche but the years really are going by faster. Anyway, I literally just finished this book today. I am fighting a nasty cold virus, and ringing in the new year on the couch.  I love Mary Kay Andrews, I think I have read almost all of her books. I found the Callahan Garrity series and wanted to give them a shot.

Callahan Garrity is an ex-Atlanta cop, turned cleaning business owner, who finds her self in the middle of a murder investigation.  She will use her wits and skills from the force, and her witty, sassy, wise crack mother to solve this case.

I liked the story, but  was disappointed at how much language there was.  I don’t remember Andrews’ other books having so much.  Otherwise it was a good mystery and story.  I will check out #2 of the series and decide if the language is too much.  Overall afterthought, ok read.  Hey, and Happy New Year to you and yours! Wishing you the best year yet.