Crash and Burn

Book 46 in 2017.

“Crash and Burn” by, Lisa Gardner


This was such a page turner, I feel like I can’t write too much about what happens without it being a spoiler alert.  It was suggested to me by a good friend, who did a really good job not giving anything away.  It is the first book of Lisa Gardner’s that I read.  It is book #3 in the Tessa Leoni series, which is against all my rules not to read a series out of order!  From what I can gather, this series must be a spin off of Lisa Gardner’s, Detective D.D. Warren Series.  So it could stand alone, but you could tell there was some back story with the characters that were missing.

Kristy Frank is in a serious car accident, when discovered by the police she is frantically calling out for her missing child Vero.  Sergeant Wyatt Foster is put on the case, and pieces are not adding up.  He is thrown into a spirally world of lies and deception trying to figure out what really happen on the night of the accident.

Lots of twists and turns,  and suspense.  Set some time a side, because you will just want to know what happens next.  There is a some strong language throughout.  The story line went a lot darker than I usually read.  I was a bit disturbed by where it took you.  Overall afterthought,  very dark and mysterious.