The Lake House

Book 33 in 2017. 

“The Lake House”, by Kate Morton

So I had this book on a list to read before and I took it off.  I actually read what it was about and decided it probably wasn’t for me. I do not like stories about anything bad happening to children. This story is about a 70 year old cold case involving a little boy from a wealthy family who went missing.  To top it off the little boys name is Theo, and my youngest sons name is Theo. My good friend suggested I read it,  I trust her completely  so I did.

The story travels between the past and the present jumping around and giving you bits and pieces of the mystery along the way.  I thought it was a great read and I had my own theories of where it was going.  It was clean and sometimes a bit too descriptive, where I just wanted to speed read through and get to the next part.  It definitely kept me interested! Overall afterthought great mystery.

“In Farleigh Field

Book 32 in 2017.

“In Farleigh Field” by Rhys Bowen.


I love Rhys Bowen.  Two of her series are some of my top favorite.  I absolutely love her “Molly Murphy Mysteries”, which is about an Irish immigrant from the early 1900’s who moves to New York City to start a new life.  Molly of course through her adventures is always surrounded my mysteries that must be solved. Ugh. Love her.  Another one of Bowen’s series I cannot get enough of  is “The Royal Spyness”.  It takes place in England during the 1930’s with Lady Georgie, 34th in line to the throne,  trying to make her way as a minor royal with no money.  Love Lady Georgie, she is witty, smart and always has me cheering her on.

Rhyse Bowen also is super clean, intriguing, and a great story teller.  When I saw this book I know it would be something I could get into.  “In Farleigh Field” is a WWII story (bonus all ready) of the five Westerham daughters trying to do their bit for the war that consumes their lives in England.

For as long as I can remember this is my ultimate favorite time era.  Not sure why.  It really is a dark part of history.  I have read some really hard books that make you look at your own humanity, and wonder if you have what it would take to be a hero.  Whew.  This story was not a hard read.  It had great characters to love and hate. Classic war story of people trying to do what’s right.  I did finish thinking, I want more! What now? Overall afterthought, good stuff.



The American Heiress

Book 31 in 2017.

“The American Heiress” by Daisy Goodwin.


On the cover of this book it suggested a great read for Downton Abbey fans.  I of course absolutely loved Downton Abbey, with all of its fine British drama.   The complex rules of the upper class, the loyalty and friction of the serving class, it all intrigues me.  “The American Heiress” was a roller coaster of drama.  Cora Cash came to England in the late 1800’s looking for a British title to go with her enormous American fortune.  She meets the Duke of Wareham, Ivo Maltravers, who she marries quickly.  They discover they know nothing of each other or how to make this marriage work without secrets.

Mercy.  I did like the story , but oddly enough I did not really love the characters.  Cora was such a spoiled young brat, I could not take her ridiculousness.  I couldn’t root for her.  The Duke was dark and mysterious and it took him almost the entire book to get an ounce of respect from me.  If they were real, I would not want to be their friends. (Well they probably wouldn’t want to be my friend either, I am not quite a “peer”) There was a side story of the servants lives and their struggles, I was definitely rooting for them! But, I really don’t know how their story ended, it left it open to speculation.  Overall afterthought, it was ok.

Death Wears a Mask

Book 30 in 2017.

“Death Wears a Mask” By Ashley Weaver.

It was only a few books ago that I started the Amory Ames Mystery series. I really was excited to read the second installment.  I just love following characters and their adventures, cheer them on, rejoice with them, think about what they just might be doing right now… (nerd moment). Amory Ames is married to a fellow named Milo.  Now Milo, is supposed to be a handsome ladies man who frequents the society pages.  Amory knew this when they got married, and thought he would settle with her.  But, we know how that goes.

Well, I want to punch Milo in the throat.  Insert angry eyes. He of course claims he is innocent and the paparazzi make things look more than they are.  He always sweet talks his way out of things and wins Amory back.  I know the book is supposed to be Amory’s story, but I cannot get over Milo.  I am a hopeless romantic, I want him to quit putting himself in questionable situations, be a man and treat her the way she deserves to be treated.  Sigh.  I just don’t think he will ever change, despite how much he claims to love her.  Jerk face. Not sure if I trust him at all.  Overall afterthought, will just have to read book 3 to see if he shapes up.